Thursday, May 13, 2004

Packin' on Campus

Hmmm, Alright...that last post didn't inspire any comments. This post should hit a little closer to home since its a big issue in Utah.

Compare the following:

"The U.[of Utah] has asked a federal judge to issue a summary judgment supporting the university's right to dictate gun policy on its campus...
The motion also contains affidavits from 15 supporters of the U.'s right to ban guns on campus — even those carried by persons with legal permits. Among the supporters is Merrill J. Bateman, president of Brigham Young University, which is owned by the LDS Church. The BYU support, which tacitly implies the support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for gun-free campuses, is considered important by U. backers....
Bateman said in his affidavit that a no-guns policy instituted in 1986 on BYU's campuses has promoted a "safe campus almost completely free of incidents involving the use of firearms." He said he knows of no instance in which there was a need for any person to carry a weapon at the Y. for purposes of self-protection and that the policy has allowed the school to pursue the core goal of academic freedom."
-Deseret News, "Gun Debate at U. Resurfaces" June 28, 2002


"[Republican] Attorney General Mark Shurtleff told Machen the university was in violation of state law by enforcing a total gun ban on U. premises....Pro-gun [Republican] legislators tried to pressure the U. to change by threatening to cut by 50 percent the administrative budgets of any state entity not in compliance with the state gun permit law. That law that allows permitted gun carriers to take their weapons anywhere except for a few very specific places such as airports."
-Deseret News, "Gun Debate at U. Resurfaces" June 28, 2002

Republican Candidate for Utah Gov. John Huntsman Jr.: Gun Rights -
"This right must be preserved. There are limited circumstances when the rights of gun owners must be balanced against the need for absolute security in such places as airports and courthouses." - Campaign Website

- Not in schools or churches huh?

So wait, the Utah Republicans' stance on this issue is not consistent with BYU and impliedly the Church's? Could it really be? (Do you think President Bateman, a general authority, could have issued that official statement without Church approval ? I highly doubt it)


Blogger Jason Work said...

I am somewhat surprised that Huntsman doesn't mention churches in his statement concerning locations where guns may not be appropriate. One of my favorite political moments of the past year was in January when the Church issued its statement banning guns from its meeting houses and then watching all of the pro-gun activists suddenly backtrack on their 2nd Amendment obsession to stay in line with the church.

I mean really, doesn't it seem counterintuitive that a church that claims to be spreading Christ's gospel of peace would be a big gun activist as well? I am constantly amazed that members of our church seem to be largely concerned with gun rights activism and how best to kick the asses of countries who don't toe the American party line.

5/17/2004 2:03 PM  

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