Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Stop the T.W. conspiracy!

Does this guy get on every day and vote for Radiohead on the poll? He and his ballot stuffing ways must be stopped! I know we are meant to use love and persuasion to teach people the error of their ways, but I feel I must rebuke him, betimes with sharpness! Stop the madness!


Blogger Izdatyel said...

Wow, talk about calling the kettle black. That post is akin to Rush Limbaugh's railings against drug abusers and how the system is too lax with them.

5/20/2004 1:26 AM  
Blogger Jason Work said...

Look, you stop voting for Radiohead, and I can stop voting for Coldplay. You'll never beat me! Nobody else comes to our blog!

5/20/2004 11:49 PM  

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