Monday, May 02, 2005

Social Security: Part Deux

I was watching a great Wolf Blitzer piece yesterday on CNN. He had two guests: Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota, and Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, to discuss the current Social Security debate...

Of course, throughout this segment they were discussing President Bush's proposals for fixing Social Security. Senator Levin had a lot of criticisms for Bush's ideas, which quite honestly were sometimes well thought out and placed. However, something that really bothered me, and seemingly Wolf Blitzer as well, was the Democrat's total lack of ideas on the issue. Wolf Blitzer pressed Senator Levin multiple times in the interview on what the Democrat's thought we should do to correct Social Security. Over and over all Senator Levin could say, however, is what they 'would not do,’ which of course, was pretty much anything the Republican's had suggested. :)

At the end of the piece Wolf Blitzer essentially admonished Senator Levin by saying that maybe next time he could come to the interview with ideas of what the Democrats WOULD DO to fix Social Security, rather than focusing entirely on what they would not do.

I believe any intelligent person would arrive to the same conclusion I arrived to through that interview with Coleman and Levin alone (not to mention the daily rhetoric from the Democrats on this issue): the Democrats do not have ideas on how to fix Social Security. If they do, someone please tell them to stand up and be heard. Carrying on like Senator Levin did in that interview just looks like closed minded obstruction to me.

I will be honest. I have not yet looked enough into Bush’s latest proposals on Social Security (in particular those that were heard in his prime time national news conference last week) to form a solid conclusion. But, at this point in time, I feel the proposed cuts discussed in the news conference last week are a little too deep. Some cuts or delays in benefit, in general, are acceptable to me though. I do support the private account idea, but I need to work through Bush’s latest suggestions more before forming my own opinion on them just yet.


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