Thursday, April 05, 2007

John Scofield at the Sheraton

I was lucky enough to catch the "John Scofield Real Jazz Trio" Monday night at the Salt Lake City Sheraton. Scofield's playing was both moving and mind-bending, all while being distinctively "Scofield". Also playing in the trio were Bill Stewart on drums (the first I'd heard of him - talented young guy who played with scorching energy) and Steve Swallow on bass (a much older fella whose mature, perceptive style brought it all back home). The show was excellent; the performances and playing were brilliant.

The only drawback was the significant annoyance caused by an unusually large number of attendees who, right in the middle of the sets, were constantly leaving and re-entering the hall (like it was bloody basketball game). It seemed rather disrespectful to the performers, and certainly distracted from the atmosphere one seeks and expects at an event featuring one of the greatest and most relevant jazz musicians of our time (admittedly, I'm easily distracted, but still...).

Ending on a positive note, I got to briefly chat with Sco after the show when he autographed my copy of "Grace Under Pressure". Trying to play it cool, I told him to come back soon, but lacked the nerve to suggest that his next booking in SLC be slated "Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood".


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