Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If only we could all be so Christian...

I caught this story the other day, and found this couple's attitude toward respecting each other's religion one of the best examples of a "Christian" approach that I'd seen in a while (particularly in light of the scrutiny Romney is currently enduring about his Mormonism). Here's the run down:

The story covers a husband and wife. The guy is evangelical Christian, the gal is Mormon. They've been married twenty some odd years. Both, however, exhibit the kind of prayerful and embracing approach I think we all know is the appropriate way to share the Gospel. And, most important of all, they respect/accept each other for who they are. There are people within a given faith that can't even reach across smaller gaps with others within their own religion, let alone those of different faiths. Anyway, I found it somewhat inspiring. Enjoy.


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