Friday, June 04, 2004

A Sad Day in Rock History: End of an Era


Our beloved band "Creed" has called it quits. Scott Stapp, what will we do without you? Creed's innovation and integrity will be difficult to replace in today's world of corporatized and slickly marketed rock.
You were the first to woo our ears with your angst-ridden, soul-bearing vocals (well, besides Kurt Cobain).
You were the first to hypnotize us with your baritone, "grunge-like", yet soothing growl (well, besides Eddie Vedder).
You were the first to "rock" us with your embracement of power-chord passion (excepting Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Rage, etc.)
Scott, You were the first hard-rocker to bravely don the cowboy hat (well, besides Pantera).
You were the first to shamelessly go shirtless in videos and performances, displaying your chiseled physique for all the world to see (well, besides Glenn Danzig, and Jim Morrison before him).
You were the first to show us your wrenching connection to the music through fist-clenching and arm-spreading (well, besides Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey).
Scott, may your solo effort (with Ja Rule and Nelly record-producer "7 Aurelius") strike us with the depth and high art heard in Nelly's musical interpretations.

Trite imitators? I think not!

Thank You Creed, No really...


Blogger rydawg19 said...

I can truly say that I did not take this news " With Arms Wide Open" what a crushing piece of info.

6/07/2004 10:13 AM  
Blogger Jason Work said...

"Can you take me higher?" Scott, you took us as high as you could, and I, for one, am forever grateful. And dude, your version of "Riders on the Storm" rocked the pants off that version by those old 60's guys. The song had too much subtlety and nuance, but you guys took care of that! Rock on Scotty!

Oh, and by the way, if your previous records are any indication, I can play about as well as anybody in your "band" so if you're trying to put together a new crew, give me a holler.

6/07/2004 3:09 PM  

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