Monday, September 20, 2004

The Black Keys P.II

Well, I've now had a chance to listen several times to the Keys' third and latest album "Rubber Factory." This is a great rock album through and through. During the first go, I kept thinking "this doesn't sound like their other two albums," not really sure whether that was positive or negative. By about the third listen it really clicked. The Black Keys have recorded another superbly-rough blues-rock album. The record does sound different, but succeeds in the often-elusive goal that so many artists are shooting for; staying to true the formula that makes their work unique, while making it fresh enough to keep it interesting. The change seems to be in the guiding rhythm of the album, maybe more of mid-tempo feel (that's not an empirical observation, but a "vibe" observation). The texture and sound are slightly altered too, but more or less in-keeping with the Keys' signature style. At any rate, this is great music and I'm starting to wonder - Why, at three solid albums in a row, aren't these guys getting talked about more? Waii..t... Oh yeah, Nelly just released two albums at once or something.


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