Monday, June 14, 2004

Iran-Contra Affair

Here is a link to nice little summary of the Iran-Contra Affair. It's one of those things that gets mentioned all the time, but most people probably couldn't explain what really happened.

I'm really sick of all the Reagan ass-kissing that's been going on in the wake of his death. This guy was in NO WAY a good president and it is a shame that he's getting credit for things like ending the Cold War. In all liklihood, he actually EXTENDED it! This guy really hurt America and I think that the negative effects of his presidency will be felt for a long time.

Tyson, what do the Russians think of Reagan? It seems to me that crediting him with the end of the Cold War takes a lot of recognition away from the people of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union who, through many different means, gradually wore down the Communist regime, proving it couldn't work.


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