Friday, September 24, 2004

Random Survey

It seems that while I have my consistent favorites in music, for undefined periods of time I am inclined to listen fairly loyally to particular artists or styles that I'm "digging." Sorry, - just don't know quite how else to put it. Immersion in a preferred artist/style rarely ends abrubtly. It usually gradually fades out while something else is fading in. I guess what makes an artist a true favorite is if you endlessley keep coming back to her/him/them ?

So, here's what I'm listening to lately:

qBill Frisell - Gone, Just Like a Train
qBill Frisell, Elvin Jones, and Dave Holland Trio
qTribe Called Quest - Low End Theory
qMedeski Martin and Wood - End of the World Party (Just in Case)
qMiles Davis - On the Corner
qMiles Davis - Birth of the Cool
qThe Black Keys - Rubber Factory

qPostal Service - Give Up
qBenenvento and Russo - Darts
qMiles Davis & John Coltrane - The Complete Columbia Recordings
qJohnny Cash - The American Recordings

Thoughts? What are you all listening to these days?


Blogger Jason Work said...

Okay, let's see. Lately I've been juggling between some of the following:
"White blood cells"--The White Stripes
"Keep it together"--Guster
A whole bunch of Modest Mouse (a buddy got me all their stuff for my birthday)
"Franz Ferdinand"--Franz Ferdinand
"Rubber Soul"--The Beatles
"Permission to land"--The Darkness (Awesome stuff--it's like a time warp)
I'm also starting to get into The Killers and Fountains of Wayne. Oh, and Avril Lavigne of course...T.Wray's favorite.

9/29/2004 9:48 AM  
Blogger Izdatyel said...

What's your overall take on Modest Mouse? I like the little that I've heard. I really like that "Float On" song. Does it reflect the rest of the album or is it more like "single" bait?

10/09/2004 3:41 AM  

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