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Just a heads up: Freepress.net is a great organization that is working hard to prevent the further consolidation and corporatization of our media. It's a vital and urgent cause if we want to maintain diversity, true balance, and localism in our television, radio, internet, and cable media. Click above, or File a comment on this subject with the FCC to make your voice heard with the Federal Communications Commission - which will soon be voting on rules that would allow existing corporations like Viacom to gain greater ownership of the airwaves (a very bad thing).


Blogger Matt said...

I happen to work in the communications industry, with about 8 years under my belt now. And, in my view this current FCC hopla is really a mute issue, getting way too much attention.

Ownership of the airwaves in the U.S. has little, if any, bearing on the public's capacity to obtain a diverse programming offering. Anymore a very small percentage of people actually get their programming from public airwaves. An ever shrinking percentage of viewers tune in to the four big networks even on cable, satellite, etc.

Thanks to the FCC's historically piss poor management and regulation of the airwaves, effectively ruining the high potential for TV broadcasting (including high def applications) over the airwaves, we now have a rich offering of cable, telecom, and satellite offerings through which we have a excellent diversity of competing media options. None this even touches on the evolving alternative entertainment and media provided through the freest market of all: the internet. If I were you, I'd spend more time promoting and protecting net neutrality and low access/entry barriers, and proliferation of the internet, as I'd bet that within a few decades this will be the medium of choice for content delivery.

The airwaves are dead thanks to the FCC, forget about these regulations and protect the next gen networks that will ultimately keep things balanced if we can maintain its current direction.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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