Monday, October 11, 2004

New Look?

Hey. Yo. Hey.
How do you like the new look? It doesn't have to be permanent. I haven't put the links up yet in case you all revolt against this template. I thought was a nice, sleek change. Plus I've found a couple of imbeciles out there using our old template.
Let me know where you stand on this, suggestions?

Also, before I put the new links up - are there any links that any of you would really like put up? The political links were slightly left leaning. What with a couple of right-wing nut jobs here now - I guess we should open it up for suggestions. Sorry, Rush Limbaugh is out of the question.


Blogger Matt said...

I'm diggin' it. It feels lighter (in the weight sense of the word).

On the links, for starters, why don't we put up links to both the DNC & RNC. I think a separate section for commentary oriented sites, such as, and some right wing nut ;) sites would be a good idea too. It would clearly separate more formal sites like the parties' sites, or church related sites, from commentary sites. If you like the idea, I'll forward over some site suggestions for the right.

10/11/2004 9:33 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

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10/11/2004 9:43 AM  
Blogger Izdatyel said...

Good idea. I have to admit though, as a left-wing space-case, I don't know if I could bear putting up links to Limbaugh, Hannity, or Coulter. :) To be fair, I see how a right-wing nut-case wouldn't like links to overt Bush haters like or something (or even Moore?). Should I just give in, or should the lefties and righties each be afforded a few vetoes?

In any case - forward your righty sites and suggestions. I like your seperate commentary suggestion.

10/11/2004 3:30 PM  
Blogger Jason Work said...

I think it's perfectly acceptable to have some "pundit" links, like Michael Moore on the left and O'Reilly on the right. I will not, however, put up with any reference to Ann Coulter. Even a link to her site gives the impression that at least one of our posters agrees with some of her views. Look, that lady is a hate-mongerer and I don't think we should do anything to encourage her.

10/11/2004 5:00 PM  
Blogger Izdatyel said...

I concur. We ought to maintain some level of thoughtfulness and credibility here. I think that either the lefties and righties should be equally afforded some vetoes, or we should just come to a mutual agreement on who to leave out. On my part -Again - no Coulter, no Limbaugh, no Savage, and no Hannity (in roughly that order). I could survive Medved, O'Reilly (painfully), Scarborough, The Nation,, Drudge, Freepress etc. etc.

I personally feel that equating Michael Moore to Coulter and Limbaugh is incorrect. He does not employ vicious, caustic, and mean-spirited diatribes to demean the right. He clearly has strong opinions, but they are presented with humor and without belittling and self-righteously condemning the entire demographic that falls right of center (as distinguished from Coulter, et al). But, I can't claim pure objectivity on this the righties should throw in their input on this point.

10/11/2004 5:26 PM  
Blogger Izdatyel said...

Hey Brillo (and other right-leaners),
So did you have some suggestions on links or what? - what about the veto vs. mutual agreement vs. free-for-all ideas?

10/13/2004 3:42 PM  

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