Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Popular & Plural

Let me start by saying that I was worried during the wee hours of this morning when Kerry was refusing to concede Ohio, when it looked inevitable that he would lose. I was afraid he was going to try and drag out the inevitable, and try and make this vote look less legitimate to at least the fringe of America and other countries. Moments ago Kerry conceded Ohio, and the presidential race. That showed class.

Who 'da thunk Bush would win by 3-4 million votes (we'll have to wait for all absentees, etc. to come in to know the exact count), giving him a solid popular vote, and a plural vote!

I'll be honest, while I was as nervous as the next democrat ;) about this election, I felt fairly certain the President would win. I did not expect, however, that he'd be the first President since his father in 1988 to take a majority vote as well.

My question now is why mainstream media is getting so BAD at calling elections from their polling (pre-polling, and maybe more importantly exit polling). I swear just watching the big networks at night gave me heart burn at best and depression at worst. :)

When you looked at, you saw that over recent weeks and months, Bush's average across all polls never really dropped below 2 points. I constantly pointed this out to others, wondering all along why mainstream media doesn't consider the trends across all polls. Rather, every individual negative poll for Bush became the headline of the day.

Anyway, I'll quit venting about that, bc I know most of the people on this blog think republicans' opinions about this is reflective of their 'inherent paranoid nature.' ;)

I am glad to announce, however, that the Red Sox are not the only team to put to bed a long standing curse. Bush and his team debunked the Red Skin's curse!


Blogger TW said...

Are you sure that "every individual negative poll" became a headline? That certainly wasn't the impression I got. I read and heard about several polls that put Bush ahead. Having control of all branches of government just isn't enough for you conservatives is it? Maybe you can strong arm the "liberal" media into your submission as well. ;)

Glad to have you back. It's more fun when there is someone with another point of view who is willing to post it.

11/05/2004 3:58 PM  

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