Friday, April 29, 2005

Social Security Ain't The Sacred Cow Democrats and Mainstream Media Want You to Believe It Is

Now hold on just one second here! Nearly every day I am barraged by messages from news outlets and our friendly Democrats telling me that most people are not interested in Bush's proposed private accounts. In fact, just last night after the President's prime time news conference Chris Matthews 'told' me how little support there is for such a measure...

Well maybe he could explain to me the latest poll conducted by Opinion Dynamics Corporation on the issue.,2933,154805,00.html

It is reported that a full 79% of the people polled believe that people under 55 years of age should have the right to choose between the current system and a private savings account (you know... like Bush's lame proposal). Furthermore, a slight majority of 53% say they personally want a choice to invest a portion of their contributions!

A full 77% of people say they trust themselves, generally speaking, to invest their monies properly over the government (a wise observation given the absolutely depressing rate of return we're all going to get out of the current system).

Yet again Democrats are deceiving America. Yet again they are on the wrong side of the issue. After Bush talked about Social Security during his State of the Union and pointed out that the program stood to go bankrupt by 2042 or something like that, I about wet my pants laughing listening to Senator Reid in the Democrat response. The good Senator from Nevada pointed out how Bush was 'wrong again' and that the program really wasn't expected to go belly up until something like 2051, and that there was no reason to get Americans worried about this issue yet! WELL HOLY CRAP!! If I'd known that I would have started contributing a full 20% long ago, instead of that measly 12.4% currently taken for the program! ;)

So, next time you hear a liberal ripping on this 'crazy' private account idea, turn off the idiot box... because it is propaganda of the worst kind! It is just another way liberals would like to continue controlling you and restricting your options and freedom. It kills them that we might take a single step away from this socialist program.

Well everyone, if nothing else remember this..., drink, and be merry for the demi's tell us social security will always be there tomorrow. ;)