Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I guess the old adage goes without saying

What comes around goes around... Being truthful, I still personally don't pin everything wrong in America on the Republicans, but yet I think they deserve everything they're about to get this November.

I was visiting with a good friend recently, and we were both ranting about how Bush was driving us crazy on some key issues, like Social Security, inflation, and Iraq. And honest to goodness, it only dawned on each of us 15 minutes into the conversation that I was pissed he wasn't being conservative enough, and my buddy was bugged for the opposite reason! It was a laughable moment.

One thing that we could agree on, however, was the Administration's and Congress' inability to get ANYTHING of worth done. Pick the issue and I'm confident you'll find a record of gridlock since Bush entered his second term.

So, as convenient as it may sound, I'll be happy to see this Republican Congress lose the House, and maybe the Senate. I know I'm young, but I've never in my short life seen any group so quickly fall out of touch with the people that put them in power. Today's Republican Congress looks and acts nothing like Newt's 1994 Republican Congress. Unfortunately, way too many of them long since parted from the principles underpinning the Contract with America.

Maybe putting the Republicans in their place will help them re-discover their "love group."