Wednesday, June 23, 2004

From Russia with...

We are sitting here in an internet cafe in St. Petersburg. Its hard to believe we've been here almost two weeks already. After a week in Novgorod, the self-proclaimed most ancient surviving city in Russia, we spent a day in Moscow. It was interesting to see churches and other buildings that were built in the 10th and 11th centuries. Red Square was honestly breathtaking. Petersburg is beautiful and distinctively more Western-European than Novgorod or Moscow. Anyway, just a quick update...

Monday, June 14, 2004

Iran-Contra Affair

Here is a link to nice little summary of the Iran-Contra Affair. It's one of those things that gets mentioned all the time, but most people probably couldn't explain what really happened.

I'm really sick of all the Reagan ass-kissing that's been going on in the wake of his death. This guy was in NO WAY a good president and it is a shame that he's getting credit for things like ending the Cold War. In all liklihood, he actually EXTENDED it! This guy really hurt America and I think that the negative effects of his presidency will be felt for a long time.

Tyson, what do the Russians think of Reagan? It seems to me that crediting him with the end of the Cold War takes a lot of recognition away from the people of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union who, through many different means, gradually wore down the Communist regime, proving it couldn't work.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Ron is Dead. Long Live Ron.

Ronald Reagan: Great president? Or greatest actor of all time? Thoughts?

Friday, June 04, 2004

A Sad Day in Rock History: End of an Era


Our beloved band "Creed" has called it quits. Scott Stapp, what will we do without you? Creed's innovation and integrity will be difficult to replace in today's world of corporatized and slickly marketed rock.
You were the first to woo our ears with your angst-ridden, soul-bearing vocals (well, besides Kurt Cobain).
You were the first to hypnotize us with your baritone, "grunge-like", yet soothing growl (well, besides Eddie Vedder).
You were the first to "rock" us with your embracement of power-chord passion (excepting Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Rage, etc.)
Scott, You were the first hard-rocker to bravely don the cowboy hat (well, besides Pantera).
You were the first to shamelessly go shirtless in videos and performances, displaying your chiseled physique for all the world to see (well, besides Glenn Danzig, and Jim Morrison before him).
You were the first to show us your wrenching connection to the music through fist-clenching and arm-spreading (well, besides Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey).
Scott, may your solo effort (with Ja Rule and Nelly record-producer "7 Aurelius") strike us with the depth and high art heard in Nelly's musical interpretations.

Trite imitators? I think not!

Thank You Creed, No really...